Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian doctor of medicine and the most brilliant of the second generation of psychoanalysts after Sigmund Freud.

As Reich's own work progressed, his scientific focus turned to the body and the way it mirrors the character. He developed the concept of armoring in reference to body and character armor.

"Every muscular rigidity contains the history and the meaning of its origin" -Wilhelm Reich


Reich meant that we all have coping patterns - usually starting before we can think or talk. Through the subconscious and our instincts we scope out our life situation with parents, caregivers and early schooling to figure out best ways to adapt - a natural survival mechanism.

We develop different defensive structures and strategies in our habits and attitudes. Our unique style of defense becomes a uniform we wear -
suit of armor.


Our bodies mirrors our character. Healthy life energy pulsates in natural expansion and contraction. When there is armor in our body, the pulsation of energy flow is interrupted and movements restricted. Armor reduces the capacity to be fully alive and naturally expressive. Our body knows and body shows - physicality speaks. Our bodies stores all experiences from life and is the actual print of our history.

"Only you yourself can be the liberator" -Wilhelm Reich


  • Armor is a result of blockages created by trauma, tension, thought-patterns - different experiences throughout life and can sit anywhere in the body.
  • Armor symphtomizes as a lack of sensation, aliveness, a stiffness, a numbness or tension and can be really painful when body have chronic holding of it.
  • Emotions are often locked inside which also subconsciously affects our mind and make it difficult to navigate through life.
  • Armor hinders life-force from flowing freely in the body. It hardens and desensitizes the physical body.
  • Armor is basically lack of love.

Personally I also believe that some armor that are not dealt with sooner or later will develop into psychosomatic diseases or cause severe illness.

My role is to provide a sacred healing temple, a safe playground and a space to expand some steps out of the comfort zone - because that's where the magic happens. -Linda, Unfold Holistics


..is the comprehensive word for a numerous ways, methods and techniques of releasing those blockages, pain, stuck energetic traumas, emotions and tensions from the body. The practice of de-armouring can be found in many different forms, traditions and religions and is as old as wisdom itself.

Body de-armouring includes the whole body and can be done externally and internally. External works on the outside of the body and internal works on the parts of the body that can be entered: the vagina, the anus and the throat.

A de-armouring session can also consist of conversation based therapy when needed. It probes, touches and helps the client to express their pain body.



De-armouring sessions consists of different elements and combines many techniques.

It all depends on the client and especially on what the clients body says. Every session is unique and created from the intentions, boundaries and framework setting between client and practitioner.

A session can consist of anything from trigger points, breathwork, trauma healing, emotional releases, boundary training, role-play, shadow work, spiritual or sexual awakening, energy work, soul retrieval or tantric practices.

A external session starts with massage-like touch and stretches to open up the body and then starting to probe, slowly tracking the armor, finding the edges and entrances of the pain body that needs to release tension and the emotions connected to the points.

Internal and sexual dearmouring usually only take place after some "regular" sessions and in good consultation with the client.

Usually the deepest traumas, shame and guilt sits in the root of the body - in the sexual areas, pelvic floor, hips and buttocks. It's a really powerful and life changing process to go through and so precious to experience.

"De-armouring is a sacred work of ancient wisdom and knowledge, inherited and carried through the centuries of time by the souls who have been called upon it" -Linda, Unfold Holistics


  • A complex art form where space holding, trust and intuition are the main requirements for the practitioner. It demands a huge amount of self work and a dedication to continuously improve and deepen the own container.
  • A powerful way to open up and release whatever that hinders you from being you 100% - free from any unquestioned habitual patterns, subconscious acts or letting the reptile brain run our lives.
  • A process to safely unfold - to break free of imagined or real limitations and I find it very natural.

Armor and destructive behaviour patterns are actually also very natural - we created them once for a good reason. It got stored in our bodies, time went by and reasons were forgotten - undealt-with.. So it's just that the body remembers and reminds us.


I have done a massive healing journey from my 20's and forth, through therapy and relationships and later also in my education of Holistic Therapy.

When I experienced breathwork for the first times I found it so goddamn frustrating! Because I felt it was a key but not enough. I was so close to releasing and I could almost grasp a sense of Eternity but still missing something. I longed desperately for even more liberation and expansion.

At that point I did not know that I missed the final third part - I needed the physical connection and facilitation of my process. My mind was onboard, my spirit was onboard - my body was not.

2015 I took my first session in external De-armouring. And boom - I breathed deeply into different points, energy and body started moving, sounds that were not from this world came out of my mouth. My power and raw life force awakened and raised. I felt like 10 years of therapy in 2 hours and I literally floated above the ground. Not before and not after I have ever felt so free. I swore an oath of loyalty and knew that this was my path from now on.


My approach to de-armouring is to be all-inclusive - meaning I'm open to whatever that wants to unfold in the session - within the boundaries and limits of both my client and myself, of course.

I see de-armouring as a dance of paradoxes between me and the client. I'm constantly reading every moment, movement and work fully present, intuitively, very responsive to what I sense from my client and my focus is to trust the process with a humbled, accepting and loving heart.